Silver Wine Tour

Starting At $155 Per Person

Van Starting at $155 Per Person
Limo Starting at $163 Per Person


5 Hours


3 Wineries


Limo or Van (Optional)


Silver Wine Tour

Visit 3 Wineries
Bottled Water & Snacks in the Vehicle
5 Hour Tour

The Silver Wine Tour is our most affordable Fredericksburg wine tour. On this tour you will taste wine at three different Hill Country Wineries.  The tour general runs from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, giving you plenty of time to relax and clean up for a dinner reservation that evening.

We will pick everyone up for no charge at their hotel or B&B located inside the city limits of Fredericksburg, Texas.  If you are staying out of town, then there may be a small trip fee to pick you up, or you can drive to the Visitor Center located at 302 E. Austin St. where we will pick you up for no charge.  When we pick you up to visit the wineries, we do it in style! You and your guests will be pickled up by one of our gorgeous 30 ft. white limousines or spacious Sprinter Style Vans for a fun day of tasting outstanding hill country wine. Once we have everyone loaded into our luxury vehicle, we will head to our first destination. We will have reservations at each winery, so there is never any waiting in line! The wineries will be expecting us and know Creekstreet as one of the companies that visit them regularly, ensuring that you get the full attention from the staff and exceptional customer service.

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On the Silver Wine Tour, you will be accompanied by one of our guides.  Our drivers are more than just responsible for getting you to the wineries safely.  They are guides who have been highly trained and ready to serve you and meet your every expectation.  Each guide is required to know basic facts about each winery you visit.  They will be able to tell you some of the history behind the winery, what the most popular wines are there, if you get to keep the glass, how your tasting will be done (each winery will do the tasting different), what amenities are available to you at that winery, and , of course, where the restrooms are located.  Our expert Fredericksburg wine tour guide will ensure that you are comfortable at each winery, allowing you to maximize your experience at each and every winery you visit.  The guide will then take you into the winery and introduce you to your server.

Once lunch is over your guide will clean up your area and dispose of all trash.  He will inform you on how much time you have left at that winery, allowing for quick shopping and purchases of wine. The guide will then cool down the vehicle or heat it up to a nice temperature depending on the temperature of the day and pull it back up to curb service.  From there they will round up the group, carry all purchases to the vehicle, open the doors for you, and make sure you are treated like a, “King or Queen for the day”!

The Silver Wine Tour does not include the gourmet box lunch that we offer to our other Fredericksburg wine tours.  On this tour we ask that you bring you own lunch.  Bringing some sandwiches in a small tote that we can put in the trunk on ice packs, or anything that will help to absorb the wine is a great choice. We will take about 25 to 30 minutes for lunch at one of the wineries.

Then it’s off to the next winery, repeating the same process at that winery without allowing time for lunch.  Basically, we are at the winery where we eat lunch for about an hour and a half to an hour and three-quarters, and we will visit the other two wineries for approximately an hour.  With traveling time, the Silver Fredericksburg Wine Tour will take about 5 hours.

lunch from Sozial Haus of Fredericksburg, Texas Hwy 290

This is a non-private tour where you will make friends while enjoying both the wineries and the Creekstreet experience together.  You will make unforgettable memories that will last a life time!  People often have such a good time with their newly found friends that they will make dinner reservation to meet up that evening in town.

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Note:  A fourth winery may be added for a small charge.

Make sure you know what you are getting:

We have high-quality vehicles and pictures of our vehicles can be found on our website.

Limousine- the price is $6 more per person for a limousine making it $163 per person.

*All tours price do not cover tax or gratuity.

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